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All services provided by NMCC Engineers are done so with quality and care. With years working in the industry under different capacities, our team of professional builders comes together at our Construction Company in order to provide our clients with the building services they need for their home or their office.

As one of the best construction company in nagercoil, Our construction management provides unique expertise and capabilities central to Related’s execution of the high quality developments that have become the hallmark of the company. From a project’s early inception and planning, Related Construction works with company executives to provide necessary insight and input on construction schedule, cost and complexity.

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Architectural Jobs

Typical responsibilities of architects include supervising the construction process, resolving any planning issues, managing the environmental impact of projects, consulting other design professionals and sticking to financial budgets.NMCC Constructions provides all kinds of Architectural Works in Nagercoil

Main contracts

A general contractor is a construction manager employed by a client, usually upon the advice of the project’s architect or engineer. Responsible for the overall coordination of a project, general contractors may also act as building designer and foreman.

Structural Design and Consultancy

We have well renowned structural designers capable of calculating the exact loads in the structure and designing it. The structural design not only showcases the load bearing capacity of the structure but also the life of the structure. The details and size of the column, footings, beam, slab will be designed as per the standard design regulations. NMCC Structural provides all kinds of Architectural Works in Nagercoil.

Industrial / Commercial / Residential buildings

George Constructions has constructed more than 30 modern homes and Buildings around Nagercoil in the past 3 years. The modern home’s area ranges from 1000 sq.ft to 1999 sq.ft .All the basic amenities and the entire furnishing works will be done with good quality materials. Modern amenities and other decors required will be grasped by our Engineers considering the latest trends.

Infrastructure Jobs

Infrastructure is the general term for the basic physical systems of a business, region, or nation. Examples of infrastructure include transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems.

Renting Building Equipment

Renting or leasing equipment avoids the upfront costs associated with purchasing, and allows businesses to better allocate their financial resources. When you own equipment, you also have to consider the cost of maintenance and repair.

Renting Shuttering and Scaffolding Materials

If you need to use the equipment for a short time, renting offers the lowest cost option, especially if you need the machinery for six months or less. Buying equipment for such a short time does not give you a return on your investment, but renting the machinery will.NMCC provides all kinds of Renting Shuttering and Scaffolding Materials in Nagercoil.

Repair and Rehabilitation Works

NMCC Engineers all kinds of Repair and Rehabilitation Works such as Painting, Interior, Plumbing, Floor Tiles, Septic Tank cleaning, all kinds of Electrical Works, We also do Marble Repolishing as well as Mosaic Repolishing too. We do all kinds of Granite Works too. For all these works we have lots of experienced people with us so that the works will have perfect finishing too.

Interior Works

NMCC Constructions provides all kinds of Interior Works in Nagercoil. We have a lot of experienced people in interior works So that we can do the best Interior Works for the customers at a low cost. We have lots of new innovative ideas for Interior Works in Nagercoil and across Tamilnadu. We do all the interior works in Nagercoil only with quality products and we finish the interior works within the time as well.